Club Penguin Blog: August 2014 Party Announcement!

Frozen Party

If you thought there was going to be a Frozen Party this August, well you’re correct! After rumors started flying ever since the “Olaf puffle” was shown in the Best Day Ever music video, the whole community had their suspicions about a Frozen Party. Well let’s not wait no further, here is August’s Party Announcement!


Club Penguin Coins For Change Party This Fucking September?

In a recent interview conducted by Mrzero3 at CP Reveals, Polo Field was asked for a hint about the September 2014 Party. You might be surprised at what Polo Field has to say. Take a look at the screenshot of the interview.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? Club Penguin has always been about donating, but in the past Coins For Change has always taken place in Holiday Parties. I believe Club Penguin may be changing their mind and basing a whole Coins For Change themed party! That would be very cool, it would give players more time to focus on Coins For Change rather than the Holiday Party. What do you think? Is a Coins For Change party what Polo Field was talking about? Let me know in the comments!

–Donut Man 5

A Brief History of Distrocktiv7

2007(Before everything)

It all started 7 years ago. I was still in elementary school and on every turn I would hear people talk about these huge parties everyone was attending and all of these digital items they’ve been collecting. I had no idea what was going on, nor was I particularly interested. I was putting all of my energy into sports with the intention of winning the MVP award for the team.


Club Penguin Updates Penguin Creation Process


Usually when you want to create a penguin on Club Penguin, you sign up, activate your account, and you’re greeted by a big orange penguin on the island. Now, after a couple years, Club Penguin has tweaked the creation page, and added a new penguin to greet you when you login to Club Penguin for the first time. Now what does the new design look like you ask? Let’s find out!